Admissions Requirements:

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)



Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA)

The admission to the undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA) requires passing the UP College Admissions Test (UPCAT).  

Students from other colleges within UP who wants to apply to the BAPA program are required to submit an accomplished application form together with the true copy of grades, one (1) passport size photograph, certification of non-contract and good moral character for evaluation. He/She must have also completed at least 33 units. 

Transferees from other schools may inquire at the UP University Registrar.

The college admits transferees and shiftees once a year. The deadline for filing of application is April 15.

Shiftees who are admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration must submit a college clearance, permit to transfer and admission slip from the University Registrar.

Tuition and other fees for undergraduate:

Tuition -  P300.00/unit
-  P615.00
Student Fund
 -  P46.50
Entrance Fee
 -  P30.00
Deposit Fee
 -  P100.00

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Admission to the MPA Program (Plans A and B) shall be guided by the following: 

  • Passing the entrance examination

  • Fulfillment of the research, statistics and computer proficiency requirement. Research, statistics and computer proficiency is crucial to understanding the quantitative methods and analyses applied in public policy and administration problems and issues

  • At least one year relevant work experience

Applicants submit a letter of application for admission to the Center for Public Administration and Governance Education (CPAGE), together with the accomplished application form (forms are available from CPAGE) and a certified copy of Transcript of Records.

Those who pass the entrance exam but lacks the necessary proficiency requirement are required to enroll for a fee in the non-credit Summer Workshop on Research and Statistics. The Workshop schedule is from 5:30 to 8:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday, and Saturdays. The fee covers the cost of handouts and other workshop materials.

Please take note that the deadline for filing of application to the MPA Program is March 31. The entrance exam is given on the first Saturday of April.

Entrance to MPA Plan C requires an entrance exam or an invitation.

Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

Applicants to the doctoral program must be a bachelor and master’s degree holder, and must have relevant work experience in a supervisory position. Applicants shall submit an application letter, a certified true copy of their Transcript of Records, a copy of their thesis or research work, one passport-size photo, and accomplished application form and two recommendation forms. Secure application from the Center for Public Administration and Governance Education (CPAGE), NCPAG Building, UP, Diliman, QC and pay a non-refundable application fee of P500.00 for local (for foreign $20.00). For foreign applicants, submit TOEFL.

The Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) program is open during the first semester and second semester. The deadline for filing of application is March 31 and August 31, respectively.

Tuition and other fees for graduate students:

Tuition - P500.00/unit
- P1015.00
Student Fund
- P46.50
Entrance Fee
- P30.00
Deposit Fee
- P100.00