The Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy (CLCD) undertakes research, training, and consultancy on the issues, problems, and processes of leadership and citizenship. Its efforts are guided by the vision of a society striving to be peaceful, democratic, just, and humane. It grants leadership and research fellowships, organizes public lectures, and publishes books resulting from the lectures and other studies.

Key Areas
Since its inception in 1992, the CLCD has been undertaking its research, training and consultancy programs along the following priority areas:


Interdisciplinary studies on the role and practice of leadership in government and other spheres.
Assistance to Filipino leaders in various fields to write their memoirs and to give public lectures on their experiences and reflections.


The roles, rights and responsibilities of citizens vis-à-vis the State and political sector, the market and civil society.
Education and training for responsible and effective citizenship in a democracy.

Civil Society

Capability-building for non-government, non-profit, voluntary, and people's organizations.
The philosophy, management, and activities of these organizations and their relations with the State, business institutions, and communities.

Filipino Democracy and Institutions

Monitoring and assessment of the performance of Filipino democracy and its institutions.
Sponsorship and organization of public lectures on the Philippine Presidency and Administration.

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Center for Leadership, Citizenship, and Democracy
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