Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA)

The BAPA program is a four-year course which provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in public management and instills the values of accountability, service and integrity. The program prepares students for careers in the public service, both in government and nongovernmental organizations. Entry into the program requires passing the UP College Admissions Test (UPCAT).
The program consists of a total of 144 units.

Diploma in Public Management (Dip PM)

The Diploma in PM is geared for professional and technical personnel of government and nongovernmental organizations interested in acquiring new skills and techniques in management in particular areas of specialization. To complete the program, a weighted average of 1.75 should be obtained for all courses taken.
The program requires the completion of 21 units.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

There are three plans under the MPA program.

Plan A is designed to provide researchers, teachers, and prospective college teachers with the  knowledge and  research skills in public administration. The student has to complete 24 units of coursework and 6 units of thesis.

Plan B aims to provide students with the theoretical background and technical skills needed  for the effective   implementation of public policy in a developing country. The program requires the completion of 36 units of coursework and passing a comprehensive examination.

Plan C or Mid-Career Program is specially designed for public servants who have at least five years of supervisory work experience and who desire to accelerate their professional growth through a program of graduate study. It aims to broaden the knowledge of mid-career public.

Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

The DPA program prepares highly qualified students for teaching, research and consultancy as well as for managerial positions in government and nongovernmental organizations.

A DPA student takes a Qualifying Examination after passing twelve units of coursework. A grade of 1.75 or better is required to pass this examination. A student with a grade average of 1.25 in the first twelve units of coursework is exempted from the qualifying examination. The program requires the completion of 24-30 units coursework; passing a written comprehensive examination in administrative theory/management of economic, political, and social development; and the successful defense of a dissertation. The program requires a total of 36 to 42 units, depending on the academic background of students.