A Tradition of Excellence

The National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) has been the pioneering leader of the discipline in the Philippines and in Asia since its establishment as the Institute of Public Administration in 1952.

In performing its three-fold function of instruction, research, and extension service, it has expanded its scope from governmental management to the broader concerns of governance, including the roles of the private sector and civil society.


The NCPAG envisions a public service founded on competence and compassion, integrity and leadership, and on values of public interest and high ethical standards. It commits itself to serve the nation by initiating and promoting the requisite reforms in governance. To these ends, it seeks to build and maintain a highly qualified faculty and staff and a well-equipped, pro-active organization.


As the premier school of Public Administration in the Philippines, the NCPAG

  • strives to promote excellence and relevance in the study and practice of public administration, executive leadership, and policy and administrative research;
  • serves as a social critic as well as a purveyor of policy advice and technical assistance in government and nongovernmental agencies;
  • seeks to build and nurture ties with international as well as local bodies engaged in the improvement of governance; and
  • continuously and critically strives to meet the challenges and problems of governance.

In pursuing all these ends, it upholds the primacy of public interest and high ethical standards.

The Organization

NCPAG functions through its Centers and Offices.