NCPAG Vision Statement

We, the faculty and staff of the NCPAG family

Working together as a team

Desiring an ecosystem founded on excellence, relevance, integrity and leadership, and founded on values of public interest and high ethical standards

Through a highly qualified and committed faculty and staff; and state-of-the art facilities

Using creative initiatives, cutting edge and appropriate teaching and training technologies

Commit ourselves to the service of the nation.

In five years, we shall have revised and further improved our curriculum to attract and retain more of the best students in the county and produce responsible professionals and academicians.

We shall have produced world class and internationally refereed PJPA and other publications.

We shall have adopted innovative teaching and training materials and methodologies to become the leading national teacher-training institute.

We shall have developed, implemented and marketed an institutional research agenda, closely coupled to our teaching and extension functions.

We shall have strengthened local and regional networks and partners.

We shall have increased scholarships and funding support for research and publication.

We shall have increased the number of faculty and staff with PhDs.

We shall have upgraded our facilities and equipment.

We shall have reformed our organization to be more responsive to our institutional requirements.

Mission Statement

We, the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG), conscious of our position as the nation's premier institution of higher learning in public administration and governance and as the nucleus of the nationwide community of scholars in the discipline, declare that

We strive for excellence and relevance in advancing the study and professional practice of public administration; in building capacities for executive leadership; in breaking new ground in policy and administrative research. We also serve as social critic, even as we provide technical assistance to organizations and institutions in state and local governments and to civil society.

As an institution rooted in the Philippines, we build and nurture ties with regional and international bodies similarly seeking improvement in governance and public administration. As a learning institution, we continuously and critically strive to meet the challenges and problems of governance. In pursuing all these ends, we uphold the primacy of public interest and high ethical standards.

NCPAG Values

The NCPAG dedicates itself to unselfish SERVICE TO THE NATION, PUBLIC INTEREST, and DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE. Concomitant to such principles, it supports VISIONARY LEADERSHIP that is PROGRESSIVE AND COMMITTED, TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE. As NCPAG acts as SOCIAL CRITIC, it upholds ACADEMIC FREEDOM and an advocacy that is founded on SOCIAL RELEVANCE and INTEGRITY consistent with the promotion of the public good.

The NCPAG commits itself to academic excellence. It stimulates continuous learning, intellectual discourse, multidisciplinary, and the integration of teaching with experience. It has a progressive outlook, is open to change, and responsive to needs. It promotes equality, fairness, and participatory processes, as it ensures efficiency and effectiveness. In all these, NCPAG is a place where family values and community spirit enable it to transcend conflict and strengthen unity.

As members of the NCPAG family, we pledge our loyalty to the institution, align our personal efforts with its goals, and commit ourselves to work for its continued growth. We will support and nurture our colleagues and mentor those who come after us. We will maintain ever higher standards in our work and respect each other's competence, ideology and decisions. In both our personal and professional lives, we will be honest, fair, creative, and disciplined even as we keep the sense of humor and fun that make us thrive through even the worst of situations.